Connecting people that care about making the world a better place and who want to help the least fortunate in our society


Providing concrete, measurable help in the form of housing, jobs, mental health, and addiction services


Educating ourselves and those around us on the best ways to fight homelessness, poverty, and drug addiction

Where The Money Goes:

30% Housing

By connecting people experiencing homelessness to housing and services, they have  a platform from which they can address other areas that may have contributed to their homelessness, such as employment, health and substance abuse. We will donate directly to non-profits that provide permanent supportive housing, the most effective way to end homelessness.

30% Jobs

A paying job is a major indicator of self-reliance and a measure of worth, to self and to society. We aim to provide consistent income, training, and work experience for those struggling to find a foothold in the job market. This will groom them to become self-sustaining members of society.

30% Mental Health/Substance Abuse

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 20 to 25% of the homeless population in the United States suffers from some form of severe mental illness. Mental illness and substance abuse leave many without a steady source of income, stable housing, or social support as a result of their illness. We will donate directly to non-profits that provide mental healthcare and addiction treatment for the homeless.

10% Content/Administrative Costs

Research, education, and outreach is the key to making the biggest impact on homelessness. We aim to curate content for people to become informed on ways to eradicate homelessness once and for all. Costs will include writer wages, web hosting fees, office space, and other administrative costs.

NOTE: Credit card processing fees go directly to the merchants and are not included in this breakdown.